Johan du Toit

Abstract and Contemporary Art

My Journey


 From a early stage I was made aware of my creative abilities when a Grade 1 ( I was 6 years old) Teacher invited my parents Hans and Nan to view  my work done in my 1st school book issue.Due to printing error in my  school book ,the animated pictures where printed halfway.I decided to complete the animations myself, my Teacher was very impressed and without hesitation informed my  parents about my creative ability, as I grew older I became more aware of my talent. As a self taught artist who studied as a Technical Technician, I intern have used this skill in Furniture and Decor Design .

My creative designs cove a broad spectrum of meduims, from metal designs/sculptures, abstact art and contemporary art . I work in oils and  enamels on canvas to create dramatic art pieces that will compliment any house or Corporate Company.

I truly hope that you will find my designs and art work inspirational.

Johan du Toit 

Frankston      Melbourne       Victoria       Australia      0449859785